5/10/14 – A Big Conversation About STEAM

This program will continue to develop the discourse about STEAM education in Cambridge, now a STEM city, and beyond. The aim is to demonstrate the importance of STEAM in K-12 and higher education, as well as discussing the broader impact and growing interest in STEAM within the larger community, the creative workforce and professional scientists and artists. Read more about our participants

Video of Session 1

4–5pm         Discussion with K-12 & Higher Ed educators about the application of STEAM in the classroom – moderated by Khari Milner 

5–6pm         Reception + Networking + Hands-on project

6–7pm         Discussion between scientists, artists & educators about the broader impact of STEAM – moderated by Martha McKenna

7–7:30pm     Informal conversation continues

Organized in collaboration with Cambridge Creativity Commons and The Agenda for Children.

Cambridge Creativity Commons engages Cambridge Public School students and teachers in developing their imagination and creativity across disciplines to enrich aesthetic understanding and activate joy of learning through innovative arts-based projects.

The Agenda for Children is a unique collaboration between various public and private entities to identify the needs of Cambridge children and to formulate cooperative strategies and programs to address those needs.

Date: May 10, 2014